Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have begun!

Okay, well since my last post, and my decision to get into shape, I have actually started exercising! Of course, it's been about two days.. but still. I am very excited to see the progress that I make. I'm also trying to make better food choices by drinking more water, eating more nuts and fruits and veggies, more protein... I think what I will do is take pictures once a month and hopefully there will be SOME kind of difference.

Of course, I want to be pregnant this month, which won't help in my losing weight, but I'm hoping that even in my pregnancy I can continue some light exercise to at least not blow up like a cow, and perhaps keep some strength to help me carry the baby and deliver it.

I am feeling pretty good about this so far! Go me!

1 comment:

  1. Me too Em!! I want to get into shape...good for you!! Two days in a row...I've too been eating healthier and craving proteins so we've been doing a lot of 'heathlier' snacks around IS exciting...I'll be watching your progress too...Hope you still get a bfp this time around though...