Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever had one of those days when you feel like a fat cow..

Except that its not really a day but months.. (question mark not working, so just imagine them where they should be).

Its actually kind of funny because I felt somewhat skinny after I had Damien, but I realize now that it was relative.. like I was HUGE when pregnant with him. My cheeks, my belly, my thighs and butt -oh God, the thighs!- It wasnt so much that I got skinny after having him as I wasnt *quite* as huge. Which seemed skinny at the time. But here I am, 4.5 months post delivery, and still weigh what I did 2 weeks after he arrived. And I find more and more lately that I am getting really grossed out by my body. Its getting to the point where I H.A.V.E. to do something about it. And since sitting on my (fat) butt and complaining whilst eating chocolate isnt doing the trick, apparently something else is called for.

I think when Jeff gets home from work Ill get him to *gasp!* take pics of me and I will post them. Gross, and your eyeballs might fall off. But I need to fix this and feel better about myself, and it might help if I see pictures of where I came from as I go along..

Mind you, we are starting this month to try for another baby. While getting pregnant AGAIN is not generally an anecdote for losing weight, I can try to tone up and lose weight while I am waiting for our last (hopefully pink but last nonetheless) child.


  1. Missing you Em!! You don't look bad...heck I don't even have any pics of myself at your look better than I did!! ((HUGS))

  2. Ha ha thanks. You're probably just remembering wrong though. :)