Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm a procrastinator

So it seems that I started a blog so that I could neglect it. That won't do, I'll have to make more of an effort. But if it helps, it's not the only thing I'm procrastinating on doing.. we have yet to start any kind of boot camp - although in my defense, the tv has been OFF almost all day and I've taken away the boys' computer and video game time as well as some playdates with friends when they are not listening very well - I'm not doing very well at exercising or eating well, and my house is soooooo not organized. I start, have the best intentions, KNOW it's going to go well.... and lose motivation faster than a two year old's attention span fizzling out. So what I've done this week in regards to my house, is picked a room and made a list of every thing I want done in it, from top to bottom, and I gave myself all week to do it. I figure I'll move on to a new room every week, and that way the deep cleaning still gets done but I'm not spending aalllllll day working on it.

Oh, and as for baby news, Damien is the only baby around. No new pregnancy, and can't get pregnant this month either; I have an ear infection that I'm on meds for and I think I should not get pregnant while on them - the pharmacist said they were pretty strong drugs. And speaking of Damien, he is getting to that really fun stage.. probably my favorite part of the babyness. You know, when they're still too young and underdeveloped that they're not getting into things, but they're interacting more. He smiles a lot now, and coos, too! He's trying to laugh, although I really haven't heard a real one out of him yet. I worry to some extent, he IS almost 4 months old. But he also didn't start smiling until about 2.5 months either, so I guess he's just behind. I KNOW he was a 36 weeker, (his records say 37) and these delayed milestones just proves it to me. If you think about it, and took a month off his "smiling" milestone, it would be 1.5 months, which is normal. And laughing.. that would make him not quite three months old (adjusted age) so that is more on track too.. Anyways. :) He's trying to grab for toys that dangle in front of him, and he has now discovered his hands, so he spends a good part of the day sucking on them. As Xander said one day, "AWWWWWW! How Cuuuutttttteeeeee!" :)