Monday, April 27, 2009

Taken Over By The Baby Fever Monster!

Okay. Go back to post #1 where it says blah blah blah "ttc in december".. Well long story but I get this idea to test with an opk last night, and wouldn't you know it's POSITIVE! Baby fever monster POUNCES on this information, takes over my rational thinking and says: Ba-by NOW! Ba-by NOW! It whispers in my ear things like, "WHY are you waiting?! It makes no difference.. then. Now. It's all the same. Especially NOW!"

Welllll of course this Baby Fever Monster would never lie to me so I figure oh what the hell. Let's see what happens. Now, I do chart using FAM and will know if ovulation has occured like I think it is going to. I need three high days of temps. If I get those... it's then a countdown of how-many-days-til-I-can-pee-on-a-stick?

Oh, and speaking of babies, my adorable but grouchy 3 month old is definitely getting a tooth! It's funny, he's so tiny, rarely ever gets tears when he cries, sounds like a newborn, still does that tongue sticky out-y that newborns do.. and is getting a tooth! I guess because he seems so new, I really didn't think he'd get one so early. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though.. all of my kids but one had teeth by 6 months old...

Oh, and speaking of monsters, we still have no plan for Mr. Keanu. Working on it...

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  1. Just checking up on you...Haven't seen or heard from you in a while...CHECK IN girlfriend!!