Sunday, April 26, 2009

6 year old -- Free to Good Home! :)

My third child, Keanu, was probably the best baby you could ever imagine. He almost never cried, even at his own birth. The first time I heard his cry was a couple hours after delivery, and it was only becuase he was hungry. He turned into a fabulous one year old. You could take him in public without a stroller because he would hold your hand and walk along nicely, neither touching things nor running away. At two he was still a perfect little angel, the sweetest and most hilarious little boy I've seen. He had the best sense of humor and loved to laugh. He LOVED everything! (you could tell by the way he said, "I LOVE that! I LOVE this!") Even when he was serious, he was funny. The way he used to say "ambulance" sounded like "onion". I was always confused, when he'd suddenly say, "Look, onion!" And I'd say "what? Onion?!?!" And he'd come back with "No. AAAAA----MMMMM----EEEEEE-----AAAAA---NNNN... Do you uuunnnnnnn------dddddddeeeeerrrrrrrr-----sssssttttttaaaaaaannnnnddddd?" You know, dragging out the words, enunciating very carefully, as if I were slow to catch on to things. Kinda funny when you're patronized by a 2 year old!

At three something changed and he became more difficult. Ah well, par for the course, right? Except that he's going to be six at the end of this week, and it's worse than ever! This boy has a TEMPER! He's very ungrateful. He's also very... oh, let's be honest. He's lazy. I'm not sure I've ever seen a lazier child. Ironically, he will expend fifteen times more energy to get out of something than it would take to just do it. I can't get him to listen. And I KNOW he does this on purpose. One day, at lunchtime a few months back, I was getting ready to go to work. I said, "Lupe, you going to be a good boy today?" He says, "Oh, yes! I'm always good at school." I said, "WEll, that's good, but I'm talking about at home. Are you going to be a good listener for daddy?" His answer? "Oh. I'm not sure yet."

True story.

Today is a particularly trying day. I'm *this close* to writing on the back of cardboard "Free to Good Home" and sending him to stand on the corner to see if there's any takers. Little does he know, when his dad comes home tonight, we're going to talk. We'll come up with a plan and this little boy is in for some "Grateful bootcamp" (got this from someone, thanks, you know who you are! *wink*) Okay, I'm not a hundred percent sure exactly how it'll work. We'll work that out and keep you posted on the progress.

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