Saturday, April 25, 2009

Me, Joining the Millions of Other Bloggers :)

Well, here I am. Starting a blog. I've considered one previously, but never really thought I was interesting enough to write about. I'm still not sure I'm all that interesting, but I have things I want to change in my life and thought it would be kind of cool to have a record of the progress.

What kind of things, you wonder? Wellllllll.... I need more harmony in my life. My house is CRAZY out of control. I have six kids, and my oldest just turned nine, so we have mess and noise and chaos. :) My laundry pile is so big I am pretty sure it's going to eat me soon. We recieve so many papers from the kids' schools that I think we have half a forest sitting on the computer desk (and bookshelves. and in the drawers. and...) Now that things are warming up outside and my kids are playing in the yard more, I think they've tracked in enough dirt that it's a contest between my kitchen floor and my yard to see which has more... you know, THAT kind of chaos. My mental health is just begging me to get organized home-wise!

Then there's my buddhism. I've fallen in love with this religion and would LOVE to start following it. I've even gone so far as to enter the monastery and inquire about times for dharma talks and such... I was going to go easter weekend.... and then chickened out. I feel like I am not "qualified" to be there, as I am sure those who attend are much more versed in such matters and might find me lacking. Of course, this is only my own insecurities and I need to get over it. I mean, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? So rather than seeing me as an imposter they would likely welcome another member. Tomorrow, perhaps? .....

Did I mention I just had a baby three months ago today? His name is Damien and he is incredibly cute --- during daylight hours. And when his mouth is not open, screaming. Okay, so we're down to about three and a half seconds in the morning when he's cute. LOL Just kidding. I love him to pieces, but he is pretty demanding. But even still, we're planning on trying for another (and final) baby in december of this year. So my mission is to lose weight and get healthy for that time. I weigh about 174 pounds right now! I can hear ya'll gasping about how terrible that is, and I am going to have to agree. I never want to be the 120 pounds that I used to be (even after having my first three kids!) but 174 is not okay in my books. Particularly because I developed PIH at the end of Damien's pregnancy, and it got worse after the birth. It was a scary time. No one can explain why some women develop this, no one can predict with certainty that someone will develop it, and there is no real way to prevent it but I know that -generally speaking- being overweight can aggravate/cause high blood pressure, so I figure it really can't hurt to be a normal weight when I get pregnant!

I have more things to work on, but those are my "big" ones. When it all comes down to it, I am searching for harmony in my life. Hence, the title of my blog...

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